Fondant Funnies

Ok, not so funny, but truly fun! Jake & I are on our way to mastering fondant. Proof is below 🙂 Here are the cupcakes I made for Carrie’s baby shower with a baby animal theme. Then Julie decided she was going to have a baby, so I made baby owl cupcakes for her – … Continue reading

Yes, I made my own birthday cupcakes

If we bought them anywhere else, they wouldn’t have been as good. Ha, is that vain? Regardless, I didn’t want to be disappointed on my birthday. Chocolate cupcake combinations are about my favorite thing on earth, so I made Grasshopper cupcakes (Chocolate Mint) & Chocolate Covered Cherry. I can’t decide which ones i like better … Continue reading

My First Official Cupcake Tasting

I had my first tasting last weekend, and it definitely went really well! I felt like I baked all weekend to make 7 different types of cupcakes, but it was definitely worth it! Down the line, I made: Vanilla with Vanilla Bean Buttercream, Chocolate & Chocolate Icing, Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting, Chocolate with … Continue reading

Testing, testing..

To start off with.. guess what I bought?!?! Ta Da! She’s so beautiful, I wanted to hug her for hours! (Yes, it’s a her because she’s a beautiful shade of pink, my assistant, and she will be receiving a name as soon as I find one good enough!) In an effort to make the most … Continue reading

And I’m Off…

I decided that a good place to start my baking project would be to first be able to make the perfect vanilla cupcake. I  mean, who doesn’t love a classic vanilla? It’s also the perfect base for other flavors of cupcakes. So I got my supplies out… And I started on my vanilla cupcakes… They … Continue reading