Too many orders to blog?

Yeah, I know what you’re saying. No excuses, cupcake! But we really have been super busy! The orders seem to come in faster than we can keep up (well, not really but it’s a lot!)

I did an order of red velvet & vanilla cupcakes for a friend’s son’s Christening. The gold sprinkles added a classy touch to a tasty treat. I was told that although my vanilla cupcakes were enjoyed, the red velvets flew out of the box & she wishes she had ordered more of those!

The next bigger order we had was one for a girl at work’s sister’s baby shower. It was at a really nice restaurant in Columbus called Brio. She wanted a nice mix of modern cupcakes with little hints of baby, so we compromised with fondant toppers & a top tier to match her invitations. Flavors were: Cookies & Cream, Vanilla, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Vanilla with Chocolate frosting 🙂

We also had a big buckeye-themed order of red velvet with gray sprinkles & our specialty buckeye cupcakes (think Columbus’s favorite treat for football season in cupcake form – chocolate & peanut butter heaven!) These two cupcakes really do make the perfect order of football game goodies!

Lastly (well, there’s more but too much for one blog post), we have dino cupcakes! Rawr! These were ordered for a five year old’s birthday at school. Cookies & Cream cupcakes are topped with cream cheese frosting & dirt (okay, really Oreos!) on top to create the perfect landing pad for our prehistoric friends.

I have more photos that I will be posting on Flickr, but there’s just something I am dying to tell you..

Ready for the news??

Your cupcakers are now a happily engaged couple! He is the perfect assistant in the kitchen & in life and I look forward to every new day with him 🙂 Engagement photos to come (and maybe some self-made engagement cupcakes??)


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