It’s been a while, cupcake..

It’s not that I haven’t been baking. I’ve actually been baking up a storm. But the last few months of my life have been a whirlwind as my boyfriend and I moved out of our old apartment, moved in with my parents for a month or so, then finally moved up in the world with our beautiful new apartment in the city. And then the holiday baking and traveling took my time away. Oh, and I finally got a MacBook, giving me the much needed motivation to start blogging again.

So here’s what I’ve done lately (well, what I have pictures of because I’m usually running out of the door still icing and pictures are usually the last thing on my mind!)

We threw a surprise 50th birthday party for my mom. To spare her from being reminded that she’s now 50, we went beach-theme in December. It just happened to be the first snow of the season and was terribly cold, but we still pulled it off pretty well. Here’s the tower I did complete with funfetti & vanilla bean buttercream, chocolate & chocolate buttercream, and key lime cupcakes with cream cheese frosting:

A little while back, I had my own bake sale at work for Cupcakes for a Cause. I set these babies out on the table by a main conference room and with small donations, they were gone pretty quickly!

We also traveled to beautiful Gaitlenburg, TN, for my boyfriend’s mom’s wedding. We made a pretty fall cupcake tower with a variety of cupcakes and his aunt made some of her wonderful cupcakes as well. My favorite that I made were chocolate with blackberry buttercream.

Lastly (although I do have more!) here is a pic of the Christmas cupcakes I made. It’s a Chocolate cupcake with Peppermint Buttercream. It was absolutely delish! I made a lot more for Christmas but again, was running out the door with them. Somehow, everytime I bake and have to be somewhere with them, I forget to factor in shower time into my schedule. I’m working on it.. 🙂

And good news: I am doing a cupcake tower for a wedding in May! It’s my first professional tower, but I’ve done a few for family and made enough cupcakes – so I was more than thrilled when I was asked to do it! I’m making 500 minis and will be building (well boyfriend will be building!) a new cupcake tower fit for minis.

So next Sunday, I have a cupcake tasting in the apartment. More photos and adventures to come!


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