We did it!

I have to say that getting ready for my dad’s surprise 50th birthday party was a little exhausting. It was my first cupcake tower! Here’s some pics of my fondant man making the poker chips, playing cards and dice. We got a lot of complements on them.

I’ve tested every other recipe except for the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes so here’s a photo of the process. They baked up huge and I definitely should have pushed the Reese’s cups down further into the batter. Once they cooled, I piped peanut butter frosting and they looked beautiful. We wanted to drizzle chocolate ganache in the top, but ran out of time (go figure!) Recipe adapted from Something Shiny.

We also made cookies & cream cupcakes with cream cheese icing, vanilla with vanilla buttercream, and chocolate cupcakes with whipped chocolate ganache icing.

So….. when it all came together, everyone was definitely impressed and we pulled it off well for our first cupcake tower. The rewarding feeling is definitely addicting and I will be making more cupcake towers in the future.


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