Building Our First Cupcake Tower

In preparation for my dad’s 50th birthday surprise party next weekend, my boyfriend helped me make a cupcake tower to put all my yummy cupcakes on. I first started pulling some photos of different towers for reference. Here are 2 that I particularly find beautiful via Cupcakes Take the Cake:

I loved the dark wrappers on both the towers and the ribbon/colored edging of the pink display. I plan on using black wrappers (that I’m still attempting to find) with various black and white cupcake combinations. Some of them will also have fondant black and white poker chips (he loves poker!)

So after a lot of searching for the perfect materials to make the tower, here is what we came up with:

We’re going to add another tier on the bottom to help stabilize it a little bit more. I’m so excited to see the whole thing come together.

More in-process photos to come! Until next time, cupcake!

Dream In Buttercream: Building Our First Cupcake Tower


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