And I’m Off…

I decided that a good place to start my baking project would be to first be able to make the perfect vanilla cupcake. I  mean, who doesn’t love a classic vanilla? It’s also the perfect base for other flavors of cupcakes.

So I got my supplies out…

And I started on my vanilla cupcakes… They turned out beautifully (even with an unrealiable gas oven!)

Now, I could make basic buttercream in my sleep. I’ve been doing it for a while with all of my past cupcakes. But that is also the basic buttercream recipe with just vanilla, butter and powdered sugar. So I wanted to step it up a notch. I tried the professional-style buttercream from my big baking book, Baking by James Peterson.

You put sugar and water on a pan and simmer until you can roll it into a soft ball.

I got that part. Maybe it was my lack of stand mixer (I used a hand mixer for 20 minutes!) or experience, or maybe it was just the recipe, but the buttercream tasted like a stick of butter. And it was too runny to pipe.

And then they melted all over the c0unter.. epic fail.

So I had to resort to the only drink that could cure the situation and the butter party in my mouth..Got Milk? Ahh.. thank goodness I did!

I’m taking my first Wilton cake decorating class on Wednesday, so I’m sure some photos and antics will come from that as well.

To bake next time:

  • Another vanilla recipe just for kicks
  • Better buttercream!!

Until next time, cupcake.

One Response to “And I’m Off…”
  1. Chef Dennis says:

    I have James Petersons book too!! Good luck in your quest, I think its great! I look forward to seeing many wonderful things from you…..If I can be of any help don’t hesitate to ask!! Welcome to food buzz!

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